Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

First Do No Harm
Naturopaths are uniquely trained to treat many serious health concerns with time-tested, safe, natural, and effective methods.

Doctor as Teacher
The word ‘doctor’ originally meant ‘teacher’. Our goal is to help you learn to lead a more healthful life.

Use the Healing Power of Nature
Naturopathic treatments are more concerned with supporting the body’s innate healing tendency than with attacking dis-ease.

Find and Treat the Cause
… if you don’t understand the problem, it’s very difficult to solve it. A top priority of Naturopathic medicine is to determine the contributing factors of dis-ease.

Naturopaths strive to treat the individual as a WHOLE person rather than any isolated part of the body or any specific aspect of dis-ease.

Nothing is more important than our health. A trillionaire would gladly trade their riches in exchange for good health (if they could). HealThy Self Naturopathic Services can help you discover specific ways to optimize your health and improve your life in general!

We must strive to produce health in our bodies and the world we live in. Wellness is characterized by a positive emotional state regardless of the level of health or disease. Wellness includes consciousness about the environment as well as about the foods we eat and the air we breathe.